The analysis, knowledge and evolution of lactate is crucial in the medical and sports field, as lactate is a marker of anaerobic energy production and metabolic stress. And the Lactate Pro 2 lactate analyzer is a valuable instrument for fast and accurate blood lactate values.

Lactate Analysis in Medicine
In medicine, the monitoring and evolution of lactate levels helps in the early detection of circulatory problems resulting in decreased oxygen supply to cells, as well as sepsis and the assessment of the severity of septic shock, which can be vital to the patient’s prognosis.

Lactate, a product of anaerobic metabolism, plays a crucial role in medicine and health assessment for several important reasons:

  • Indicator of tissue hypoxia
  • Prognosis in sepsis and septic shock
  • Monitoring of response to treatment
  • Evaluation of exercise tolerance
  • Diagnosis of metabolic disorders

The use of lactate in health assessment is therefore a valuable component in early detection of critical conditions, informed clinical decision making, and monitoring response to treatment in a variety of medical settings.

Lactate Monitoring in the Sport Setting
In the field of sport, the utility of lactate analysis is well known, allowing optimization of training and determination of aerobic and anaerobic thresholds to improve performance and recovery.