The Lactate Pro 2 is a portable lactate analyser of Japanese origin – manufactured by Arkray – that is characterised by simplicity of use and accuracy.

Outstanding features of the lactate analyser:

Accuracy and speed with a wide measurement range and automatic calibration for ease of use. The Lactate Pro 2 is the leading portable lactate analyser on the world market, which can be used in different areas such as sports training, fitness monitoring,…

It is manufactured by a company (Arkray, Japan) that is renowned for its experience in the manufacture of different types of analysers and specifically lactate analysers.

Lightweight and ergonomic, it is very easy to use and fits perfectly in the hand. It uses specific test strips and requires only 0.3 microlitres of capillary blood to quickly perform the analysis and show accurate results in just 15 seconds. The Lactate Pro 2 can store up to 330 different results from up to 3 different users.

All in all, this analyser is an excellent choice for those looking for a portable, accurate, reliable and easy to use lactate analyser.